Sunday, September 28, 2008


Imagine my surprise when I recently found this old creation in a long-forgotten box of stamped Christmas bits and bobs. In fact, there were two of the very same.

I don't know if I did not mail the cards out because I did not like them, or because I had already made enough for that year. (Since there were two cards, I presume it was the latter). :) What I know for certain is that I sold that very stamp years ago, because I found it so difficult to colour back then.

It rings true when moms and teachers forever drill 'practice makes perfect' into the brains of children all over the world, LOL. Now, I don't know about perfect, but practicing has certainly helped my colouring skills, over the years.

Having found this dreadful card, I could now do a side-by-side colouring skill comparison, if I hadn't sold off the stamp. But maybe that's a good thing, LOL.

At the risk of repeating myself, I shudder to think of the cards I used to (quite proudly) mail out to friends and family. But we all have to start somewhere and one fun part of our hobby is to actually see a skill improve, isn't it?

The Stamp:
1524K - Let it Snow! by Penny Black


Monica said...

I don't think it's bad at all, though that's said without having a "current" version to compare it to. I still think it's quite a cute card!

nise said...

If this is your beginning, I am in BIG trouble if you ever see one of my first cards! Your ice looks like ice and you got some shading going on. All in all, I think it looks like a pretty good start.

Michelle Adams said...

I think it looks better than my current coloring Isabelle! You are so good and you don't even realize it (I'm so jealous!)!