Tuesday, March 11, 2008

TAG - you're it!

I was tagged by both Colleen and Monica yesterday. That means I am to share seven things about myself that you didn’t know...and then tag seven other bloggers. After thinking very looooong and hard, I came up with this:

• I am Swiss, but I don’t ski.

• I was born at home, as my parents were clueless about my mother’s pregnancy until my actual arrival. (My parents still live in the same apartment today.)

• In 20 years of marriage, my husband and I have moved 12 times. (Toronto, Quebec, S. Carolina, Minnesota and Colorado). The longest in one house was 8 years, and then we moved four times within a nine month period).

• I don’t know how to drive

• By the time I married my husband, I’d known him for 6 years but we’d only spent approx. 6 months in the same place. (The longest being 3 months).

• I had only planned on staying in North America for one year before moving back to Switzerland, LOL. (Looking back, I find that most amusing).

• I am Canadian

Sheeesh, this was really difficult. Now I remember why I don’t usually participate in tags, LOL. If they feel inclined to continue, I’d like to tag:


And anyone else who likes to share 7 facts about themselves!


Kirsten said...

Thanks, Isabelle! For the tag AND the Stampendous info! :)

Colleen said...

WOW...Isabelle...you are totally interesting! I never would have guessed the driving thing. And yea, I guess I just assumed that you would be able to ski..funny huh? I loved learning more about you. You are a doll!

Libby said...

Oh! I'm so behind on blogging I missed this! Thanks for tagging me. And how very interesting to learn more about you! I didn't know you are Swiss! We visited Switzerland a few years back, I think it's one of my favorite places I've ever been - especially up in the Alps. Wonderful!! How long ago did you leave Switzerland and do you ever return for a visit?