Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Bunny

I was looking at some scans of cards I coloured years ago. This card was done about 6 years ago, when my colouring skills started to slightly improve. However, I wish I had scans from way back. About two years ago, my sister sent me one of my very first House Mouse cards. At the time, I used markers exclusive and I now shudder at the thought that I'd sent out cards like that one. It was awful, to say the least, LOL. But practice does pay off and I've learned a thing or two along the way.
This bunny image was stamped on a pre-embossed card, which looks a bit funky in my scan.

The Stamp:
1442J - Sweet Talk by Penny Black


Michelle Adams said...

I think it looks good! You should see some of the ones I colored two years ago...Sheesh! I'm embarassed of them! Thanks for sharing!

Monica said...

The cards that you would shudder at would probably be comparable to some of my best work! It's hard to believe you weren't always so good, but at least it means there's still some hope for the rest of us, right?