Friday, February 15, 2008

Julia Rocks!

I was amazed how easily my niece took to paper crafting. Even though I'd only quickly shown her a few simple things, I found her at my desk stamping and embossing most mornings when I got up. Her first creation had been a birthday card for her uncle that we made together. After that, she wanted to know everything. What was the little hammer for? Could I show her how to set eyelets? Her eyes lit up when I showed her how to use markers scribbled on plastic for watercolouring and she left here with her own set of aqua painters.
Imagine my surprise when I got up one day and she had already made a card, entirely from scraps found on my desk. She'd even re-used the eyelets that I had set on a scrap piece of paper to demonstrate how. Yup, she cut out little triangles with the eyelets to glue to her card. When they would not stick, she remembered my 3D mounting squares and adhered them that way.
Here's Julia's card:

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Monica said...

Wow, I need to take some lessons from her as to working with all the bells and whistles. Eyelets, ribbon, embossing... she's got it all going on. Another great job!