Thursday, February 14, 2008

Caught Nappin'?

Why is it that Birthdays and Holidays always sneak up on me? Try as I might, I usually have to rush to get cards made and sent in time. Whenever I buy a new stamp, I tend to have one or more people in mind who might enjoy the particular image. But once their birthday approaches, I just grab whatever is at hand. Surely, I am not alone in this?

We have had lots going on in the past three weeks and I've actually forgotten to send a birthday to a dear friend overseas. That's when those belated birthday greetings really come in handy.

The stamps:
1733H - Caught Nappin'? by Penny Black.

The sentiment on the inside reads: Who Me? Miss your Birthday? Guess I was caught nappin'!
1734F - Who Me? also by Penny Black

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and I shall be back soon with another creation from my niece, Julia.


Monica said...

I don't know why I bother having anything BUT belated sentiments. I tend to remember birthdays & special days the day before -- which doesn't allow time to get the card mailed across country. You know, some people that are chronically late end up setting their watch ahead. Is it possible to do that with the calendar? If so, Happy Easter! :)

Nise on GW said...

Really cute. Liked the hive, too. Can't wait to see what else Julia created. My 5 year old niece (who has a vast supply of paper and markers and such from her artsy aunt) made me the most darling birthday card. On the front she drew a bear and a bear cave - - how did she know that if I could, I would hibernate til spring?