Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's a Girl!

Friends of ours became the proud grandparents of a baby girl, at the end of January. Their daughter April, as well as the baby's dad are wilderness guides in Canada. Although, I have not seen April in years, I very much doubt she will dress her baby Kali in frilly, pink dresses. Thus, this rather neutral baby card.

Ooooh, I cannot wait to go buy an appropriate baby gift for little Kali Rio.

Dh scoffed when he saw my card, exclaiming that I owned much cuter baby stamps than this one. But I really liked this image and moved heaven and earth to get it from the moment I first saw it. It's made in Germany by Butterer (and I paid a lot of money for it, LOL). I think it's funny; what's your opinion?


Nise on GW said...

Love everything you and Julia have done lately! This image is great!! You can always soften it up with frou-frou lace for the RIGHT people, but I think it's perfect for Canadian wilderness guides. Tell DH to go and use those darling thank yous that you created for him.

Monica said...

Well... it's not your typical "baby" image -- that's for sure! But like Nise said, probably just right for wilderness guides. I bet they'll love it!