Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Welcome to my humble contribution to the HAMBO Blog Hop!!!

It was my pleasure to colour the above image with Prismacolor Pencils and Gamsol. To make it feel even more 'springy', I punched out Martha Stewart's 'Tulip Garden' from green card stock first, then in yellow, orange and purple. After I cut off the colourful blooms, I carefully glued them on top of the green paper. Basically, I think the card is quite simple and self-explanatory.

Soooo, without further ado, I'd like to direct you to the next stop of this journey. You won't want to miss the very talented Ms. JANE!

If you're interested in purchasing Spring Bunnies you can do so at Hambo Stamps.

What are you waiting for? HOP TO IT!! :)

Cheerio - Isabelle

All the stops of today's HAMBO BLOG HOP:



Monica Hunter said...

You sneaky thing! LOL When I saw there was a blog hop (I saw Jane's blog first), I KNEW you must have been behind it! Well, you got me! LOL

I love this card, and the tulips are a perfect touch. These bunnies are favorites of mine.

Thanks so much Isabelle!!!

colleen said...

Isabelle - this is so adorable! I love the tulips... clever idea!

Thanks for organizing this... it was fun!

kc_froglady said...

Love the Springing bunnies!

asela said...

Ha! How totally cute. What a great card for the blog hop. Love it

Katt Korpsgryndr said...

Oh this is fun! 6 months ago I didn't know what a blog was, let alone a blog hop! I can say that I do love Hambo though, and I'm glad to be a part of this.

ThePurplePlace said...

Love soon as I saw this card and the image...I was off to the store to buy it! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Melissa said...

I have yet to color that image and I can't wait! What a fun card. Thanks for thinkin up this sneaky plan!

Timbo said...

Isabelle! You are the best! Thanks for doing all this! Fabulous colouring as usual.

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, I love this! Way too cute!

Phyllis M. said...

Such a cute card and love the springy bunnies on it. You put alot of work into those pretty tulips too. Thanks for sharing.

nise said...

You are a RIOT!!! How fun! You outdid yourself on that tulip border. And I have NEVER seen a more perfect stamp to use for a blog HOP! Thanks for the grins!

Windy said...

Great colors! I love your "bunny hop" card. Hope "springs" eternal.
Evette Rice