Monday, January 11, 2010

11 on the 11th

Noah, my favourite (and only) nephew turns 11 today. He has the coolest birth date of 1/11/1999.

What other card am I gonna send a boy who loves ice hockey and has played himself, since he was little?

I tried my best to copy Sandra McLean's Hockey Riley card by drawing in the boards myself, but as you can see, there's no comparison. This is why I stamp and NOT draw, LOL.

Do you ever draw in your own details when you stamp?

The Stamp:
Hockey Riley from Hanna Stamps

Cheerio - Isabelle


Monica Hunter said...

Wow - 11 on 1/11! Great card - I'm sure he's loving it! And for the record, I think your drawing of the "boards" is awesome! You go girl!

Emily Leiphart said...

This is fantastic! I love your drawn in boards and how you did a skate tie for the bow!!