Monday, October 13, 2008

Web Site Frustrations

Due to some serious problems with an extremely incapable web host, we had to temporarily take The Stampbuzz web site down. We had been experiencing problems with them for months, and once again, they messed with our data base for no reason. The site was down for three days and when it was finally back, I noticed that the inventory was completely out of whack. Yes, our lovely web host reverted back to a data base from June!
Moreover, they really messed up and items that show zero on hand in our database still show up as on-hand inventory on our site.
My husband spent a couple of hours trying to 'rescue' the site yesterday. However, the error is not on our side and there's nothing we can do, other than change web hosts, which will happen as possible. In the meantime, we had no choice but to take the site down.

Clearly, this is very frustrating and I hate to inconvenience my customers. If there's anything you need you can always reach me by email (at and I'd be happy to be of assistance.

Please accept my apologies for the delay and inconvenience while we try to sort things as quickly as possible. (We are also in the process of moving).

Meanwhile, you can still get your shopping fix AND a TERRIFIC DEAL at Hambo Stamps. Monica is practically giving away stamps, so check out her BOGO SALE.

Happy Columbus Day and happy Canadian Thanksgiving to our friends up North!

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Monica said...

Awwww Isabelle... how awful! I saw the message on your site and tried emailing the "sales@thestampbuzz" address last night, but the message was immediately returned to me as undeliverable. I can't imagine your frustration ... and especially now when you already have so much else on your mind! Hang in there -- any new web host is sure to be more capable!

Thanks for the shout-out about our sale! I'll be happy to keep your customers' credit cards warm for you! ;)