Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stampers should NOT move!

Nobody likes to move, but I think anyone with a hobby that takes up an entire room should seriously consider staying put, LOL.
I feel like we've been packing up forever and my husband really wanted to concentrate on my craft room first. Personally, I would have preferred to do that last, simply because I feel that I may still need this and that until the move actually takes place. As a result, I fight him every stop of the way as he wants to box things up. No honey, you cannot take my ribbons, I may need them. Oh no, you are not taking the metallic ink pads and no, don't take that container because I will want the watercolour paper....

Of course, eventually I have to concede and let him pack things because otherwise, we'll never get it done. As a result, there is now space to walk around the room and I have empty shelves. Boy, I like having empty shelves, a clear desk top and that airy feel. The guest bedroom, on the other hand is now filled top to bottom, wall to wall with boxes that are labeled 'craft room' that I will have to unpack again soon in the new house.

In the meantime, I am trying to make a card here and there with what I have saved from dear husband's eager hands. Only, every time I go to grab a certain item, I realize it's already packed up, LOL. If my style was not simple enough already, it is now even simpler.

That's how this monochromatic card came about.

I stamped the Congrats Rose on white glimmer paper and coloured it in using markers and an aqua painter brush. I adhered that to Ruby Red Bazzill Bling paper and that in turn was 3D mounted on a Ruby Red Shimmer card. It's a shame that none of the shimmer shows in my scan.

One of these days, I will be all set up in a brand new stamping space. It is not going to be a huge space and I already know it will be overcrowded with stamps, papers and everything we stampers love so much - in no time.

As my husband patiently helped me pack the 38th box labeled 'stamps' this weekend, he proclaimed I had way too much stuff. What choice did I have but to agree, so I simply said, 'STAMPERS SHOULD NOT MOVE' to which he calmly replied, "MAYBE MOVERS SHOULD NOT STAMP!"

The Stamp:
G101 - Congrats Rose by Stampendous

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