Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Key Figure in History!

Some people love History, I love chocolate. Today we celebrate both, my friends, with Hambo Stamps, LOL. So, happy Hambo Wednesday, everyone!

Pink and Brown go together so beautifully and I don't use them nearly often enough. But it was the obvious choice (too obvious?) for my piggy, wallowing in milk chocolate.

The Stamps (all from Hambo Stamps):

History of Chocolate - 1504 (from the Fractured Funnies Line)
Chocolate Chip - 1723
Pig in Chocolate, no sorry, Pig in Mud - 1901


artyfarty said...

lol I love this card it is soo funny yet so me..

ps is thestampbuzzdown for maintenance still?

Libby Hickson said...

Super cute Isabelle! So clever to make the pig in chocolate rather than mud!

Michelle Adams said...

I love those Hambo piggies and I love pink & brown...Your card is the best of both worlds! Yay!
(Oh yeah, I love chocolate, too!)