Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gardening Fun

I have not had a garden in three years and must admit that I miss mucking around and pretending to know what I am doing. :) So, what's girl to do? She stamps herself a garden!

In the forefront you'll see "Pearl", in her big polka-dotted bloomers and bedroom slippers, lovingly watering and tending her ferns and flowers. But actually, I stamped and 3D mounted her last. First I stamped the Giant Oak Tree and then several of the small Watercolour images around it. If you have not seen the Art Impressions Watercolour technique, it is a lot of fun to do and easy to learn. They have developed an entire line of delightful, interacting watercolour stamps and are still adding to them.

For this particular garden I used the following stamps:

K1701 - Pearl
T1584 - Giant Oak Tree

from the watercolour series:
AA1372 - Grass
AAA1368 - Teeny Tiny Flowers
A2413 - Blue Bird Right
AA891 - Blue Bells
A1284 - Fern

All by Art Impressions


Michelle Adams said...

How cute is this!?! You are such an artiste!!! ;0)

Monica said...

Love this! I think this lady could be paired with our "Spring Bloomers" stamp too! LOL

When Tim & I were on our honeymoon, we were on a bus tour of either Victoria or Vancouver, and we looked out the bus window to see a similar sight, only the largish lady wasn't wearing bloomers but rather short shorts. Not a flattering angle, for anyone! LOL