Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do you know Ken Lee?

First off, I must admit that I have been trying to add You Tube videos to my blog for days!! I tried and failed in various ways, until late at night. Only to finally try my usual way of linking and that worked just fine. DUH!

So anyway, I thought this was funny enough for a weekend interlude and I hope it will make you laugh:

You alweees smile lolly night go sorra shoooow
Ken Lee

Now, I don't normally laugh at anyone's attempts of speaking a foreign language. After all, I have been there myself. My husband still claims that I used to 'bend my clothes' rather than fold 'em and eat 'smashed potatoes' when we first started dating. He also says I used to badly mispronounce the word 'bother' to sound more like 'buttah'. This does not 'buttah me' at all, I simply dismiss it as a vicious rumour and vehemently deny his claims of all language mistakes - past and present. :)

As a child, I also used to sing along with all the English hits, not knowing what on earth the words meant or how to pronounce them. I just belted them out phonetically, the way kids do. Having said all that, I also think that if I (as an adult) was to perform a song in front of hundreds of people, a performance that was being judged and televised, I prolly would have studied the lyrics first, LOL.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Toodles - Isabelle


timstoons said...

Ken Lee...Ilibu dibu douchoo...

LOL SO funny! I hadn't seen this before, and had to watch it over and over. I know I do the same thing when I try to sing in other languages. You don't even want to hear what I come up with for "La Bamba" LOL

Thanks for sharing! :)

Monica said...

Sorry, that was ME posting above, and not Tim. I didn't realize he was signed in. Oops.

barb michelen said...
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