Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stamper's Christmas Story

'Twas the week before Christmas
when all thru the house
not another sole lurking
'cept me and the mouse.

The chores finally finished
and the D.H. asleep
down to my craft room
with hot cocoa I creep.

The card stock laid out
and the stamps along side
from the duty of this task
I can no longer hide.

I pull out the stamp pads
and embellishments too
the glitter, embosser
and even the glue.

I set paper to cutter
and stamps to the card
and once I got started
it wasn't that hard

I finished the first one,
held it up to the light
examined it closely,
it wasn't quite right.

I opened the drawers
of my big desk to see
if the finishing touches
would jump out at me

Oh then how it struck me! I
knew what to add!
A thing'er , a whos-it,
and a little doo-dad!

The eyelets the fibers
the punch and the string
embossing and gluing
all over the thing!

Mulberry tearing
and on last survey
I knew my creation
was well on its way

I did it! I'm finished!
I surely did cry,
as the suns first rays
did begin light the sky.

So lovely, So perfect
they all will say
when they open my cards
on Christmas day.

They'll praise me on
all of the work I have done….
That is ….. if I finish the rest,
not just ONE!

- C.N. Shelly 2005

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