Friday, December 14, 2007

Bundle Up!

It's been cold here and lots of snow, with a new 4 inch layer overnight. Brrrr!

Instead of cleaning house (like I was supposed to), I have been messing up my stamp desk even more. (If that's even possible.)

I asked dh the other day how I could possibly ever keep my stamp room organized and tidy. His practical but VERY RUDE response was simple. He thought that if I stopped buying new stuff I could easily organize it and keep it that way. THE NERVE!!! While it may be very true that adding more and more stuff makes this task quite impossible, I gasped at his response and the very thought. How could he????
But since his income supports my addiction I'll keep him around...

Stamps used:
Art Impressions - F3307 - Mouse
MSE! - BB205 - Keep Warm

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