Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dream Big!

In every day life, I consider myself a rather realistic, down to earth person, not a dreamer at all. Not so when it comes to stamping. When it comes to stamping, I allow myself to dream big!

Oh yes, in my stamping dreams I see a neatly organized, spacious, practical, yet beautiful room. There will be lots of wall space to set up various workstations. One for my ink pads, so I can finally bring those ink pad holders out of storage and keep all my inks close at hand. An area for all my papers, nicely sorted by colour. A desk just for my die cutting machines and accessories, to leave them out, ready for use anytime. I envision an entire wall of bookshelves that hold all my stamps in clear boxes, easy to find and see. Yes, that’s right - one day!

But my dreams go far beyond organization. You see, I also have visions of actually using everything I have purchased over the last few years and even stop buying new stuff. One day, all my virgin rubbah will be inked up and used in several projects. Beautiful papers, ribbons, eyelets, glitters, paper flowers and stickers will find their way into my creations. Boxes and pails will be embellished and given as gifts and I will have spare cards ready to mail– one day!

Ah, but my dreams do not end there. Oh no, in my dreams I do not rush through making a card, but rather lovingly create; using the various techniques and mediums I have acquired over the years. My chalks, watercolour crayons and pencils, my markers and various watercolours will all be used on a regular basis. Time won’t matter as I will be completely immersed in my projects. Not only that, but I will even mail them off to my friends in a timely fashion – one day!

Until I wake up from my dreams, I shall happily continue to buy new stamps and hoard more papers and ribbons and embellishments in my cramped little corner. There are enough supplies here to last a lifetime and I shall eagerly add to it, whenever possible. I shall happily stamp quick and easy little cards and continue to search stores and websites for new stamp designs. Until ‘one day’ comes I will continue to enjoy every moment and every penny I spend on this crazy yet fulfilling hobby of ours!!!

Penny Black -
1652J - Cheesecake Wish
Hampton Art - 4737F – Dream Big


ddc designs said...

Oh yes, I do believe we are sisters of different mother's!!! I couldn't have said it better. :)

Nise on GW said...

Oh, yeah. You are SO right. And with a darling card to let us know just how wise you are. I am a paper junkie and I think it's as critical to my madness as chocolate and sunshine.

UK MUM IN USA said...

Sounds so familiar, I dream the same dreams, one day it may happen, some dreams do come true until then I will keep dreaming too.

Colleen said...

I to had big stamping dreams...I wanna color like you some day!!! I love this cute image and the bright festive yellow is the perfect color.