Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Raccoon Birthday

Isn't this lil' Raccoon adorable? Personally, I always wonder how Monica comes up with the perfect sentiments to go along with Tim's drawings. Or is it the other way 'round?

Anyway, for my card I used the following Hambo stamps:

Party Raccoon - 17-15
Raccoon It's Your Day - 16-4

Next time, I shall use more caution to stamp everything straight!


Monica said...

I stamp everything crooked too, and I've finally decided that my head must be on crooked. In every photo of me, when I think I'm looking straight ahead, the resulting photo shows my head tilted to one side. I would have to purposely tilt my head to have it straight in the picture.

There... I've made your card all about ME! Well, while I'm at, let me say how much -I- love it!!

Colleen Schaan said...

_I_ love it tooo! it is those little "crooked" things that make life (and your cards) interesting...

I have been known to stamp crooked a time or two also...I just pretend that I MEANT to do it that way.

Love the ribbon with the soft yellow background on the raccoon.