Thursday, August 23, 2007


Most days, I would be able to make 'dust angels' around here, that's for certain. One reason why I adore this stamp and matching sentiment by Hambo Stamps. But why worry about dust, unless its on our stamps, eh?

Making Angels - 14-24
Dust Angels - 12-17


Nise on GW said...

Oh my gosh! This totally cracks me up!! I got one of those lists of questions and sent it back to my cousin, who I rarely see, and it asked about my pets. I listed "lots and lots and lots of dust bunnies"! Plus my sister has being using a bad four letter word (s-n-o-w) lately and I'm still loving the sunshine and summer. No, No, NO - I do not need to go shopping at the Stampbuzz (I just had the garage sided and I'm poor, right?) Thanks, for brightening my Friday morning, Isabelle!

Colleen Schaan said...

How funny! I don't have dust angels...I have dust Bunnies...and they breed like rabbits!

I love the coloring you have done on her...adorable!