Wednesday, May 30, 2007


While I may have put the sand in the wrong place on my previous card, it works on this one, LOL!

All stamps by Art Impressions:
M3189 - Baby Boy Front & Back
AA865 - Birds
D2738 - Sand Pail
E2715 - Beach Ball


Colleen said...

Oh how cute...I have never seen a stamp like that (from the back). He is so adorable out there...but I bet he gets sand in his diaper!

Kalyber said...

Beautiful Coloring. Excellent card. BTW I liked those penguins too. No problem they are facing us. The blue looked like sky which makes the viewer all wet
: -)

Inkerbelle's said...

Thank you ladies!! Yes, I suppose the blue background may as well be sky. Why didn't I think of that, LOL?

Colleen, the back and front boy is actually supposed to look through a window. That way, you can see his little face when opening a card. There is a lil' girl like that as well. But who says we always have to use every part of one stamp, right?