Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let it Ribba!

A few weeks ago, my mates in South Carolina surprised me with an Ikea gift certificate for my birthday. Immediately, I thought of all kinds of things that I could get. However, after further reflection, I decided on the Ribba Picture ledge.

While I thought it was really cool for pictures, I wanted them for my stamp room, to house my Martha Stewart punches!

The Ribba Picture Ledge is available in two sizes and three colours. The one I wanted was the 45 1/4" in white. Exactly the one that was always out of stock at our new Ikea. They had plenty of the 21 5/8" in white, birch and black. But, several visits later, I finally found the longer ledge - and I pounced, LOL.
I was able to get four ledges, but as you can see, I only hung three, so far. They fit perfectly over my desk and I can easily see what punches I have. Brilliant! Perhaps, I will actually end up using them now, LOL.

Wishing you many happy stamping hours! Isabelle


Fuzzy Slippers said...

OMG Isabelle! I love this! I was using bath towel rods, but man these are delicious. What are you using to hold your ink pads?

Anonymous said...

hi isabelle! wow; what a great idea. i love your ink pad storage units too. hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Angela said...

Hello Isabelle, Thank you so much for commenting on a card of mine at SCS which brought me to your website! I love your crafting space ideas and now I can move forward with making all that I have actually accessible!