Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Penguin Cutie

Have you missed me? If you have at all been wondering where I have been, wonder no more. Like everyone else, I've been part of the normal Christmas madness, LOL. It's rather hard to avoid it, isn't it?

Because I seem to be starting my Christmas cards later and later every year, the design and execution must be simple and straightforward, at this point.

• The felt penguins came ready assembled, 8 to a pack for 1 buck, at Joann's. Add to that the adorable 'knit' cards that were a Michaels find (steal), also in the Dollar aisle.

• Two 'mats' were cut out of green and white glitter paper, using both Spellbinder's Lacy Circles (S4-293) and the regular circle dies.

• For the little greenery, I used a trusty Martha Stewart punch.

Easy, peasy and thus, my first batch of cards is on its way to the post office.

Well, I am off to work on my next batch of cards....

Cheerio - Isabelle


Monica Hunter said...

Very cute! You can't go wrong with penguins. :) You're ahead of me in the Christmas card-making. I've made a total of 2. I think I'm going to have to whittle my list of recipients WAY down!

nise said...

Cute! Well done with the bargain shopping, too, Isabelle. I have almost all of my cards done and 8 have already flown the coop. I am pathetic this year. I used to have them all out by the 1st of December. Happy Holidays!!