Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

Today may be Groundhog Day in America, but around here we celebrate hubby's birthday!

When I saw this little groundhog image I knew I had to use it for the occasion.

Hopefully, the one in the card will be the only shadow we see. Or is it NO shadow we want? I never know, LOL.

You can find lots of free images to colour right HERE and the 'Scratchy Straw Backgrounder' stamp is from Cornish Heritage Farms.

Happy Groundhog Day to everyone and happy Birthday to my hunny!

Cheerio - Isabelle


Monica Hunter said...

Happy Birthday William!!! Hope the shadows from your birthday candles don't confuse the groundhog!!

nise said...

WOW!!! Happy Birthday, William! What a cute card! And I know where I'm sending a groundhog's day card next year, since us groundhog babies gotta stick together, especially when Monica's making comments about candle shadows. Stay warm & well.

Kalyber said...

what a wonderful image for your husband's birthday. If the Groundhod sees his shadow it's only 6 more weeks of winter. If He doesn't we have winter for a month and a half.

Emily Leiphart said...

Oh my gosh, this is SO cute and hilarious! What a great card for your husband!!