Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Apple A Day

When I first started buying rubber stamps, they were all rather small in size. That was around 1987. I mostly used them to stamp the envelopes for the many, many letters I used to write at the time.

In fact, in 1979 I had a very artsy roommate who used to draw intricate and elaborate scenes on her envelopes. Her envies were a work of art and I used to treasure each and every one. She was the first person who 'demanded' I never mail out any letters in a boring, blank envelope. Because I possess absolutely no drawing abilities, I just used stickers to decorate my mail. Until I found rubber stamps!

When I moved to South Carolina (in 1994), I practically lived at my local stamp store, LOL. It seemed to be around that time when stamps started to get bigger, too. There was the whole PSX botanical series that looked gorgeous embossed in gold.

Way back when, I often refrained from buying certain stamps, simply because I was intimated by the thought of colouring them. Times have changed. Some images may still be a challenge for me, but mostly I just enjoy the whole colouring process now. In fact, it has become my favourite part of stamping, oddly enough.

This Happy Hopper stamp has been in my collection for a little while, and frankly, colouring the apples worried me, LOL. But, the proud owner of a few Copic Markers, I figured I better give this image a whirl. What better way to practice than an image that felt like a challenge? After all, one advantage of stamping is that we can always try again, right?

HMLR1047 - An Apple A Day from Stampabilties

Wishing you many happy stamping (and colouring) hours - Isabelle


nise said...

Cousin Shelly's former mail lady once hollered out in a room full of people, "I know who you are! You're the one that sends those letters!" when she met me. Boring is for bills. Fantastic job on coloring those apples. Wish PSX was still in business as I have always loved their images, whether I could color them or not!

Emily Leiphart said...

WOW, that looks like a photograph! I wish I had your colouring ability!

Monica Hunter said...

It's hard to believe you were once intimidated by coloring! If that's true, and you've improved to this point, then there might be hope for the rest of us. Love the card, love the apples -- which look so real!

Tracy S. said...

You did a fantastic job! This stamp intimidated me with the apples too then soon became my favorite to color.