Thursday, July 16, 2009

Identify this bird?

No, this is not a quiz, but rather a serious question, LOL.

Last week, a persistent 'squawking' came from the porch and I carefully looked outside to find out where it was coming from. When I saw this bird sitting on the underside of our table outside, I quickly grabbed my camera, hoping to get a picture.

When the bird did not budge, I slowly approached him.

After a few photos, I got more daring, as I removed the chair that was leaning against the table, to have the bird in a better light.

No need to worry about moving about, because this bird was sitting there so comfortably, I was able to get within inches of it.

I was able to happily snap away and then grab a chair, sit down and simply observe for the longest time. In fact, the bird outlasted me by not flying away, and eventually, I gave up, LOL.

Over the next few days, I heard him on the side of the house, but was not able to see him again. When I did spy him, a couple of days later, he was hopping around, much like a wind-up toy before flying off, eventually.

So? Would you happen to know what kind of bird he is?

Cheerio - Isabelle


Monica Hunter said...

I couldn't tell you what kind of bird, but what awesome photos! He must be a celebrity if he'll just sit there and let you snap away. Probably a B-lister though, if he had no where to go after the photo-op! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm no expert, but he looks to me like maybe an immature robin? Anyway, enjoy your 'special visitor'!
Melody (GW)

Kathleen said...

looks like a thrush or starling to me!