Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fishing Riley

I needed a 'manly' card for a friend who likes to fish. Funny thing is, I sat down to make a quick card to drop in the mail box before the mailman arrived... hour later dh came to see if I was still there, LOL! I still don't really understand what took so long. I think it was mostly the cutting. You know, the old 'three times cut and still too short'. No matter what, my cuts were crooked. If only there were dies for those larger mats, I would so buy them all. :)

The Stamp:
Fishing Riley by Hanna Stamps

Cheerio - Isabelle


nise said...

Is that pattern paper? If you made those water drops, I need to know how you did it! Great card! And I also hate when you cut and try to even up and it never looks even. It's a good thing William doesn't see how long it usually takes me to make a card. You look like Speedy Gonzales compared to me!

Monica Hunter said...

Very manly indeed! How nice that he can cool his toes and fish at the same time!

Great card, perfect paper. :)