Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well friends, this concludes my famous card workshop series using Hero Arts stamps, LOL. This is also my favourite from that evening.
As you've come to expect, we watercoloured both the Paper Flowers and the mushrooms with Aquarell Pencils.

The Mushroom image is from CL305 - Sending Happy Thoughts and if you're interested in the spiffy Gem Stones you need look no further than right here. :)

Cheerio - Isabelle


Monica Hunter said...


Monica Hunter said...

Sorry, it wasn't accepting my comment before. Censorship??

As I was trying to say: Cute mushrooms! I really like the whole layout of the cards and all the elements.

Will be be doing an encore performance??

Day Scriber said...


Just found your site through Libby's. Great card! Love the colors.

Have a great day!

Jimmye Sue
Texana Designs