Monday, October 20, 2008


While it is probably fair to say that most stampers like solid stamps, I personally prefer the open-line kind. Somehow, solid stamps puzzle me and and I just don't quite know what to do with them. There are hundreds of galleries in cyber space, filled with beautiful samples made from solid stamps, yet I am clueless.

Then there are stamps that are neither solid, nor open-lined and here's where today's card comes into play.

I bought this stamp because I really like this scarecrow a lot; he is sweet, yet realistic. Yet, when it came to actually using the stamp, I was rather stumped. Initially, I thought the image would look best just stamped in one colour and left at that. But neither black, brown nor gray ink looked right to me. Black and brown were too somber, while gray turned out too light. My efforts to colour the gray image didn't exactly wow me.

Do you have any ideas or advice for me, now that you've seen my meager attempts? Do you own the stamp and have successfully used it or do you know of anyone else who did? I'd certainly appreciate anyone's help with this. :)

The Stamp:
K10453 - Scarecrow by Paper Inspirations


Michelle Adams said...

What I like to do with photo stamps like this is stamp them in grey, to get a subtle look, and then highlight different areas of the stamp with a small amount of chalk. Try it - I find it makes the image almost look like an antique photo that has had color touching.

Colleen said...

Hey stranger! I LOVE these photo type stamps. Here's what I like to do... stamp them onto a sheet of acetate or transparency. Run it though your Xyron or add liquid glue to the whole thing... then, lightly dust chalks over the image or skip the adhesive and paint it with twinkling H2Os... then flip it back over and Voila... a stained glass (soft) look.

I actually really like the second one you have in black... makes his face stand out!

marciad said...

He's adorable. Put a smile on my face.