Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lovely Lily

Woohooo, I actually stamped!

The time between my receiving this beautiful calla image and the time I finally inked it up has been far too long. Actually, it's been too long since I inked up, period!

The purple flower was stamped on a Fabriano Medioevals Soft White deckle-edged card that I tore in half, and watercoloured with Adirondack Ink. Initially, I had planned on adhering the piece more to the right of the eggplant card stock (it looks black here) and tying a yellow ribbon along the left edge. But when I did not like the look, I sprayed the eggplant cardstock with Gold Glimmer Mist to snazz it up a tad. Of course, the subtle gold shimmer does not show up in my scan. In the future, I hope to post better pictures of my creations - taken with the brand new digital camera my wonderful husband just got for me. This will not be anytime soon, as I need to learn how to make the pics leap into my computer all by themselves. :) Besides, the 'leaping software' has yet to be installed and we have been rather busy with other projects, these days.

For years, I believed that calla lilies were all white. While I still like the white ones, I was absolutely delighted a few years ago, when I realized they indeed grow in various colours. Still, I wanted to try my hand at a white one here and once again, the finished project is very different from what I had planned.

I had stamped the image on a piece of smooth, white cardstock with black Memories ink and coloured with my Koh-I-Noor pencils and Baby Oil. To make the white blossom pop, I added and lovely blue shadow all around it. Then, I stamped a sweet sentiment to the right of the flower, embossed in gold.

Because the sentiment was a tad crooked, I cut the edges of the card stock to even it out. Only, I kept cutting and cutting and while the edges were still not straight, the card was certainly getting too small. You know how it goes? You cut and cut and in the end it's still too small, hahahahaha? (Sorry, I had to inject a little weird Swiss humour here).

The only way to salvage my image was by cutting it out and 3D mounting it on a new piece of lovely, green shimmer paper which I then adhered to a blue card. I even used a different sentiment and this time, which I stamped to the left of the lily.

Most of the time, I don't plan my cards too much. I stamp the image, colour it and take it from there. But then again, that may be pretty obvious by now, LOL. Today, I did plan ahead yet the outcome was very different. How about you? Do you plan or do you go with the flow?

The stamps:

F6679 - Lovely Lily by Impression Obsession
CR1070 - Hope all is well by Stampabilities
M369 - Lovely Way by My Sentiment Exactly!


Libby Hickson said...

These are both lovely Isabelle! It's nice to see you stamping! Hope all is well with you. So tell me about glimmer mist - I have some purple but when I tried to use it I just got big, not-so-glimmery splotches. Did I do something wrong?

Monica said...

These are both so pretty Isabelle! And yes, I know what you mean about trimming and trimming trying to even things up. (My mom used to do that when she cut my bangs! And always right before school pictures! LOL) I still do it all the time myself when I make cards, but often it ends up turning out better than I'd originally planned anyway, so it ends up being a blessing that I'm inept! :)

Michelle Adams said...

I'm not a planner, either. Maybe I should be, but I just can't wait to get to the stamping! ;0)

nise said...

These are lovely, Isabelle. I have a basic plan in mind - - like which stamp and what main color and then I hope for the best.