Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Way around the Kitchen...

Technology is to blame for my delayed post today. Once again, the internet and cable were suddenly gone for hours last night. The same thing happened last Thursday for most of the day and on and off on Sunday. Of course, there's no explanation from the cable company other than a recording when you call. Apparently, there have been outages in this area. Well, that much I figured out all on my own, LOL.

The upside to this is that I got a lot of stuff done that I'd been avoiding all along. I managed to clean out the closets in both the master and the guest bedroom and I'll be targeting the kitchen next.

That brings me to my card. Just like this clever Hambo chef, I also know my way around the kitchen.

Both images are available at Hambo Stamps:
Way Around Kitchen - 1625 (from the Fractured Funnies Line)
Barbecue Man - 1709

Don't forget that Monica and Tim are donating 15% off all July sales to a very GOOD CAUSE.

Well, I am singing off before the connection goes down again. Until next time, I am wishing y'all a very happy Hambo Wednesday!


JAR said...

I love that sentiment -- it's perfect for me! Your card is so cute!

Monica said...

This is one of the sayings that Tim came up with himself, though my lack of kitchen skills was the inspiration I'm sure!

Great card Isabelle, and so clever of you to pair the saying with the grillmaster! LOL