Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Well Wishes?

Doesn't everyone like receiving a sweet get well card when they are ill and feeling under the weather?

Well, perhaps not everyone, or not if the card is not as sweet as first anticipated, LOL!

These humorous stamps are available at Hambo Stamps:
Beaver - 0928
Organ Dibs - 0813 (From the Fractured Funnies Line)

Yes, I have once more used one of Monica's Plastic Badges. These things are so much fun and easily available pretty much anywhere. Once you get started, you may have all kinds of ideas on how to use them. Why not try and share them with me?


Michelle Adams said...

Cute idea!!!

Monica said...

wow - you keep coming up with so many clever uses for that badge holder! Another great card & idea! :)