Friday, April 25, 2008

Need Therapy?

We all know that stamps and chocolate are cheaper than therapy, don't we? Although, I am starting to wonder about the stamp part. Looking at my stash, (and considering the amount of chocolate I have devoured) years of therapy might have been cheaper at this point, LOL.

Inkadinkado has released a series of funny and witty clear stamps that retail at $2 a set. There are typically two to five stamps to a set for a great value. Buy them at The Stampbuzz and you'll get an additional 20% discount. How can you beat that? With prices like these, we can still give the therapist a run for his money and have loads of fun!

For my card I used:
97664AA - Chocolate Therapy by Inkadinkado


nise said...

Too Cute! And your coloring is spectacular - - his skin and cheeks look real!

Michelle Adams said...

I'm in love with these things! Your card is awesome - coloring that can't be beat!!!

Jukie said...

I love it! your shading is fab! tfs