Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lavender Bouquet

Although I am mad about the colour purple, I am not crazy about lavender - the flower. I do like this new Gruffies Bear though, and I sincerely believe the flowers he is sniffing resemble lilacs (which I adore) rather than lavender. What do you think? Do they look like lavender or lilacs?

For my card I used:
KR1050 Lavender Bouquet by Stampabilities
ST2414 - Hello Friend from the Bear Squares Clear Set by Will n' Way
and a couple of Rain Dots to embellish the corners.


Libby said...

My vote is for lilac - mainly because I LOVE lilacs!! Super cute card Isabelle!

Monica said...

Definitely lilacs! My neighbor has a tree, and they smell so nice in the summer. Lavender is a much smaller flower. I agree about the smell -- lilacs are so much nicer!

Great card!

nise said...

They are lilacs. I have a bush just that color and I transplanted 2 from my Mom's that belonged to my Grandma and Great Grandma - - one is white and the other is a dark purple. And, hopefully, I'll be sniffing their fragrance in a month or so. He is darling! I may have to invest in a Gruffies bear after all.

Sara in WI said...

What an adorable picture! Those are positively lilacs in my book. So cute!

Michelle Adams said...

Definitely lilacs! And I love 'em and your card! ;0)

Sharon said...

Beautiful colouring!