Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yes, I know, I know. I was going to give you a break from Penny Black cards, but how can I when their stamps are so bloody cute, LOL.

This is just one of Penny Black's newest stamps and I love it. But there's something about my card that doesn't jive and I am not quite happy with. Should I have rounded the corners of the white card stock perhaps? Alas, I feel good about having dusted off the old light box and brass stencils again. You win some and you lose some, I suppose. :)

3829H Kickin' by Penny Black


nise said...

He's darling, Isabelle and I really like the dry embossing. Yep, maybe round the white corners or layer the white piece on some black, maybe an 1/8 of an inch showing around the edge. You're coloring and color choices are perfect, as usual. And that flasher gave me a grin.

Sara in WI said...

That image is sooo sweet. Penny Black stamps just make me smile. i love the dry embossing. And if you hadn't mentioned that you weren't happy with the card, I certainly wouldn't have known. Don't be so har on yourself!

artyfarty said...

Very cute and as you know Im a huge huge fan of penny Black .I so wish it was me in that hammock with the glass of wine though lol

Sharon said...

Sweet card Isabelle. I wouldn't have noticed anything either if you hadn't mentioned it. I think I agree with your thought about rounding the corners on the white layer to agree with the oval dry embossing and the roundness of the hammock. My very humble opinion.... (smile!)