Friday, April 4, 2008

I love my Computer....

...because my friends live in it!!

This is for everyone of you, my cyber friends. Even if we never met, you are there and I appreciate it. Thank you for checking my blog and commenting on my cards. Thank you for making me laugh and making me want to keep creating.

So far, I was lucky enough to meet three of my internet friends in person and all three have been delightful, wonderful, funny and smart. Perhaps, I will be able to meet more of you one day. In the meantime, let's continue on this path of cyber friendship and mystery, LOL.

The deets:
Source of the computer dog unknown.
Pre-embossed Note Card from Lasting Impressions


Monica said...

I love this saying, and it's SO true! Fun stamp!

nise said...

Awww! That's really darling! I was for sure thinking it was going to be a Hambo... Off to eat my dessert now.

Libby said...

What a great card - that is so very true!! :-)