Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blue Skies and Sunny Days

My light box is usually stashed away in a cupboard. There are heavy paper organizers in front of said cupboards that must be removed before accessing it. Since the cupboard is hard to get to it is filled with things I don't need regularly.
I also tend to hesitate using some of my tools and gadgets, because I simply don't have the space to spread out.

Because I already had my light box out from another project, I decided to do some more embossing.

The deets:
L9133 Flower w/Dotted Frame Brass Stencil by Lasting Impressions

98030G - Puppy
96065M - Blue Skies by Inkadinkado


Michelle Adams said...

I love how you added the sentiment in white...This is something I rarely (if ever) do, and it is a nice look! Nice work (as always) Isabelle!

Monica said...

I agree with Michelle, the white sentiment is really eye-catching! :)