Friday, February 22, 2008

To ski or not to ski!?

Pebble may be pondering that very question, atop this steep mountain top. Will he take the ski lift down? Nah, I think he'll take a deep breath go for it!!

The stamp:
JR1069 - To Ski or Not to Ski by Stampabilities


artyfarty said...

These cute bears are fab and cannot to have them flown over!!!
Lovely card as always..but xmas cards already tuts lol
Sue aka Arty

artyfarty said...

oops meant to say cannot wait its the excitement

Nise on GW said...

Cut it out! I just used my boots & rope stamp I got from my sister for Christmas [thru you :)] and I am not going shopping yet. You REALLY tempt me. Then I've been reading Monica's blog lately (after you showed that cool birdbath card, corrupter!) and I'm telling myself I don't need any Hambo stamps, either. Have a wondeful weekend, Isabelle!