Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do you get Flours?

While my husband seldom gets me flowers, he has been known to bake. This may not be great for my hips but I try to remember to crumble the baked goods up, as broken cookies have fewer calories!! I love flowers but they cost a fortune and never last long.
Then, there is the third option. Not flowers, nor flours but STAMPS!! They last longer than flowers, are absolutely free of calories and they always, always make me happy.
So honey, if you are reading this, keep feeding my stamp fund and all is well at Inkerbelle's, LOL.

These images from Hambo Stamps just say it all:

Flour - 14-17 and Never Sent Flours - 14-18
Single Flower - 114

1 comment:

Nise on GW said...

Just too cute, Isabelle! Hope he helps you "pig out" with your stamp fund, although after you move. That way when you're trying to find good things about the new place, you can always pull them out for some instant happy.