Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stampers' Rules of Acquisition (31-34)

(Original compilation by Deborah of the Rubber Stamper's Email List)

31) If you happen upon a super rs-related deal somewhere and you buy enough for you and all your friends and your friends buy some from you--the money they give you is free to be used to purchase MORE RS stuff, since it has been "laundered" and isn't technically, coming out of your pocket!

32) If, in the course of purchasing something, you also purchase something for a friend, the cost of the friend's merchandise is totally exempt from record-keeping. When she pays you back, it's "free money" and may be used for any purpose, particularly if it involves stamping supplies.

33) A corollary to Rule #32 is that the money the friend pays back is governed by the laws of "money saved," i.e., money you spend for someone else is "money saved" when returned to you, since you now did not spend that money. The proper phrasing is, "Honey, I bought some cardstock for Sue and she paid me back...boy, did I save some money!"

34) "Screw it, buy them all!"

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Monica said...

I love the laundered money idea. So is there anything I can buy you?