Monday, November 12, 2007

Stampers' Rules of Acquisition (26-30)

(Original compilation by Deborah of the Rubber Stamper's Email List)

26) There is absolutely NO such thing as too much paper...of any kind. Disregard nasty comments about the two years worth of New York Times stashed in the boxes at the back of the garage. Corollaries here are: a - the complete set of National Geographic is worth the $150... they are actually priceless. B - it is perfectly acceptable to save not only the wrapping paper on your presents, but all the wrapping paper on everyone's presents... c -EVERYTHING is exotic paper and should be purchased and/or saved. Including the $24 a sheet stuff you saw at the specialty store.

27) If you think there is a ghost of a chance that you might use it in a future project, buy it now. Cause if you need it later, you can bet a) you won't be able to find it, b) no one will have heard of it and c) there won't be a substitute.

28) A stamper must purchase appropriate storage containers, shelves, bins, units, etc., for all stamping related purchases. A stamper has the right and responsibility to discard all previously purchased storage systems in order to purchase a new, more appropriate system at any time.

29) A corollary to number 18 above: Stamping actually saves money. Stamping promotes the do-it-yourself philosophy. This is evident in the activities of mounting your own, carving your own, and making your own paper. By applying "Blondes' Logic" it can be concluded that you can't afford not to stamp.

30) Stamping is your civic duty. Think globally, act locally. Purchasing stamps and supplies is politically correct for the following reasons: 1.) It supports a local business and reduces the number of unemployed; 2.) it promotes the arts and feeds starving artists (designers of stamps); 3.) it supports minority owned businesses (many stamp companies are run by women); and 4.) buying expensive, imported handmade paper stimulates the economies of developing nations. Thus purchasing stamp supplies is your civic duty. It logically follows that the world would be a better place if everyone stamped. Write your congressmen today to begin the process of passing legislation making it illegal not to stamp.

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Colleen said...

#28 is totally me!!!