Monday, October 15, 2007

Stampers' Rules of Acquisition (6-10)

(Original compilation by Deborah of the Rubber Stamper's Email List)

6) If you are compelled to calculate total $ spent on stamping and related items, never count things that are not actual stamps.

7) If you are compelled to calculate total dollars spent on stamping and related items, never include items that cannot be traced via the receipt (i.e. -- office supplies are office supplies, gift wrap is gift wrap -- never mind where it ends up in your house....)

8) When writing checks from the joint checking account, always write "S.W." in the check register. You will know that this stands for Stamp Wares but DH will think it is Safeway when he scans the check-book to see where you have been shopping. And he KNOWS groceries are expensive, and you need lots of them.... (editor's note: Substitute the grocery store in your city for Safeway…)

9) If a member of your family discards an item that is usable for stamping, you may replace it. For example, your husband receives a shirt as a gift - if he throws the tissue paper away you may purchase a replacement. You do not have to replace it with the same white tissue paper. This applies to candy bar wrappers that your kids throw away too, however they are not permitted to eat the replacement candy!

10) If everyone else wants it, then you must want it too -- even if you don't know what it is. (case in point -- one word -- "blitzer")

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