Monday, October 29, 2007

Stampers' Rules of Acquisition (16-20)

(Original compilation by Deborah of the Rubber Stamper's Email List)

16) When you buy something, use it before you read the directions.* (*Acquisition reasoning -- if you mess it up or break it, you get to buy another one...)
17) You can't take it with you applies only to money. Begin getting your loved ones accustomed to the fact that you intend to be buried with your stamps.

18) Stamping is an inexpensive hobby. This can be proved by applying "Blondes' Logic" to your stamping purchases. For example, no hobby where the supplies usually cost under $10 can possibly be as expensive as big ticket, predominately male hobbies such as radio controlled airplanes, restoring vintage automobiles, pro-team season tickets, etc. This just makes sense.

19) Every stamper MUST own every type of glue that is on the market. However, s/he may restrict use to her/his favorite.

20) Whenever a new stamp pad is made available, you must immediately purchase every one of the colors in which it comes.

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Monica said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle! Seems to be you're not just acquiring stamps, but YEARS too! LOL

Hope you're doing well in the competition. ;)