Thursday, October 4, 2007


A woman who was near death insisted she be buried with her stamps.

As she passed away, she saw a white light and followed it until she found herself in a mystical place, surrounded by men and women who wandered about admiring all kinds of paper-beautiful paper on shelves stretching as far as the eye could see-and all the rubber stamps one could imagine.

Overjoyed, the woman turned to a lady who was running her hands with pleasure over a rich and costly paper and said: "This is a wonderful place! Is it Heaven?"

The lady replied, "No this is HELL. There aren't any ink pads.”

Author –Unknown


Colleen Schaan said...

Funny you should post this challenge for today is to use not only NO STAMPS, but also NO maybe I am trying to put you all through hell??? (insert evil cackle)

Monica said...

Funny! Yes, that would be my version of hell. Tim's version would probably be trout-stocked lakes, with no fishing poles. :)