Wednesday, December 5, 2007


1. Stamps tightly packed in various containers make an excellent
insulation for the home.

2. Buying stamps keeps our economy going. It is our patriotic
duty to support stamp stores.

3. Because they are on sale.

4. At any moment the employees of a stamp factory might go on
strike and limit the availability.

5. We are participating in a contest. The one with the most
stamps wins.

6. We need extra weight in the trunk of our cars for traction on
icy or muddy roads. You never know when the weather might change.

7. Because we are worth it.

8. Like dust, stamps are good for protecting previously empty
spaces in the house, such as ironing boards, dining room tables
or any other horizontal surface.

9. Stress from dealing with the "Stamp Control Officer" (spouse)
makes us do it.

10. A stamp purchase a day helps us work rest and play.

11. Stamps are a proven aphrodisiac.

12. While shopping for stamps you don't have to worry if they'll
fit, or how big they will make your hips look.

13. Stamps don't argue, or get crabby

Author Unknown


Nise on GW said...

No, Isabelle, you don't buy stamps. You shop at the Stampbuzz and give the list of "must have"s to your sister, so she can buy you the very best possible presents. At least I'm hoping that she ordered the stuff I want! Thanks for the grins.

Inkerbelle's said...

Yes, that would be even smarter, LOL!!! I like the way you think, Nise. :)