Monday, October 1, 2007

Man Made Card

My friend Monica shared this with me. Isn't it wonderful how men are getting in on the stampin' action?

Watch Video


Timbo said...

Very cool video. However, the proper way to size cardstock is with a Makita 10" sliding compound
miter box. Not enough torque or precision with the 18 volt cordless Porter Cable saw. But hey that's just me.

Colleen said...

This is hysterical! I watched the WHOLE thing and just giggled all the way through. Thanks for the morning laugh!

Inkerbelle's said...

Hi Tim! What a nice surprise to see your comment here. Of course, I completely agree with you on the Makita 10" (huh?). I also think the VW is too wimpy for making watermarks. A big ol' truck would have been more appropriate, in my humble opinion.
Hope you are well!