Monday, May 14, 2007

Here's the Scoop!

The scoop on Monica, that is! As the owner of Hambo Stamps she interviewed every one on her design team. I figured it was time to turn the tables on her and see what she had to say for herself, LOL. So, she kindly took time out of her busy day to answer a few questions that prolly felt quite familiar to her (they were mostly her own):

What made you and Tim decide to start your own rubber stamp business and what is your favourite part of it?

I was buying a lot of stamps, and Tim would look over my shoulder at my recent purchases and say "I could make THAT!" So I said "Then do it!" and the business was born. It happened really fast, before I ever had a chance to develop any kind of talent actually stamping. I think we had a business up and running within about 6 months of my very first stamp purchase. There are so many things about the business I truly love: Originally, it was such a kick to sell anything we'd made and to think that someone liked it or found it funny. Then, getting to know some of the regular customers and establishing friendships. And it's such a blast seeing all the different ways our stamps are used. It's amazing how each person can have such a different take on how the same design can be used!

Which one of your design team members is your favourite?
The one who flatters me the most! Gifts of chocolate help sway me as well. :)

How would you describe your "style"?
Kindergarten Chic. I don't think I've developed a personal style for my own stamping (stamp, color, layer, done.) but I most admire clean, fresh designs. I like the opposite of collage style. I don't like things too frilly or fussy.

For what occasion do you make/send the most cards?
Definitely Christmas, when I have the time. Just about every other year I'm able to make all my Christmas cards, and the years that I don't, I always have good intentions. That's why I continue to buy more and more Christmas stamps. A person has to be optimistic, right?

Do your relatives appreciate hand-made cards/gifts?

One side of the family does, the other one doesn't so I don't even bother with them! The weird thing is, it's the artistic side of the family that doesn't care for my handmade things. Go figure!

What was the first stamp you ever bought?
Well, my first stamps were purchases from a SU party, so there were two sets I HAD to have (and I still own): Bunch O' Bugs & A Tree for All Seasons

Describe the "weirdest" stamp you have.
Boxing Bees. Why bees need to wear boxing gloves when they have perfectly good stingers is beyond me. But that's one of ours. One from another company might be my bald fat guy in the speedo. I bought him to go with a few of our sayings, including the "Catching you up to Speedo..." one.

What is your favorite color of ink?
You know, I own tons of ink, but since I like to color images in, I find myself using Fresco Amaretto Truffle (dark brown) the most. I stamp the outlines and just color in. Lately, I've used lots of pink because of my daughter, but I guess my preference of color would be a turquoise shade.

What is your favorite technique?

Watercoloring, though I'm no good at it. I like using Prismacolor pencils, but have just learned the Gamsol technique (with regular colored pencils), and that's fun as well.

Other than the basics, like scissors & glue, what tool could you not live without? The computer, if that counts. I can look at PageMaps for layout ideas, get ideas for color combos, see how ribbons are used, etc. None of that comes naturally to me, so I need the ideas. Also, my blender pen.

Where do you find inspiration?
Under my arms, though deoderant usually helps. No seriously, I mostly find it online in other stampers' blogs or galleries.

Do you keep a journal of ideas?
Not so much a journal as a "loose stack" LOL I've actually been looking for a journal with pockets, because I sometimes pull magazine ads or photos that give me ideas. I also have some crazy little sketches of things I want to try, but by the time I get around to them, I can never remember what all the heiroglyphics in the sketches mean. I also have slips of paper around the house where I jot down stamp ideas as they pop into my head, because they usually pop OUT just as quickly.

Anything you'd like to tell about yourself or stamping that I haven't asked?
I accept cash donations, and have to work to support my chips & salsa habit.

Thanks Monica for taking the time to answer my (your) questions in between running a business, a household, raising two active kids, being a wife, volunteering at school and church and everything else you have going on! Don't know how you do it all, but you clearly haven't lost your wicked sense of humour.

I made the above card with Hambo Stamps Ice Cream - 626 and http://The Scoop - 522


Joyfulheartart said...

What a great idea Isabelle! Kindergarten chic?? LOL.

Colleen Schaan said...

Oh You Guys!!!! You both just crack me up!...It is really nice to see such friendship and respect between the people on your team...and you both have such a great outlook...Isabelle, thanks for featuring Monica, and Monica (and Tim) thanks for telling us more about how you got started...sounds like a whirlwind start. Congratulations!

(and MUST make a stamp to go with the speedo saying...I am picturing a buff, hairy guy...*cring*)

Monica said...

Think "not so buff" pig in speedo thong, and your wish might come true Colleen! LOL

asela said...

OMGosh you guys crack me up. What a great idea! Hmmmmmmmm thinks me mights do the same on my blog one day. Watch out!

Colleen said...

Speedo THONG!!!! OMG! you just made me spew my Diet Pepsi...I am soooooo getting that one!