Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Stamping on candles is fun and easy! For this one, I used three designs from Hambo Stamps.

Supplies you will need:

White Candle
White Tissue Paper
Permanent Dye Ink Pad (I use Memories)
Sharp Scissors
An old Spoon
Heat Gun
Stamp/s of your choice

Stamps I used:

Rabbit - 917
Carrot - 921
Single Flower - 114

• Begin by stamping desired image/s on white tissue paper with
permanent dye ink. Let it dry for a few seconds or heat set the
image with your heat gun.

• Colour the image with markers and carefully cut it out. Because
the tissue paper is so thin, you will be able to use it on either side.
This is lots of fun as you can have people or animals face each
other and use your image in more creative ways.

• Decide where you’d like to place the cut-out image on your
candle and heat the back of an old spoon with your heat gun.

• Hold the image on your candle and carefully rub the heated
spoon over it. This will gently melt the wax of your candle,
allowing the tissue paper to adhere to it. The spoon may have
to be re-heated several times during this process.

Once the tissue is completely ‘stuck’ on the candle, I like to very carefully blow some heat on it; directly from my heat gun. However, you have to be very gentle and cautious doing this (keeping some distance between the heat gun and the candle), as you don’t want part of your candle to melt away.

I hope you will give this a try, the possibilities are endless!


Kristine said...

Oh My Goodness!! What a CUTE bunny candle!! Love the images you used...what a great gift idea :0)

Monica said...

I never thought about "flipping" the images, and didn't realize the bunny had been flipped when I first saw it. After reading your instructions, I looked back and sho 'nuff! Great job Isabelle!

Anonymous said...

I saw the card you gave jackie on her blog. care to share where you got the stamp?

asela said...

Oh what a great idea and design! Fun project

dd2njoy said...

What a cool idea!!! So much to do with stamps,that's great!TFS