Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My friend Monica at Hambo Stamps has officially announced a brand new Design Team for her wonderful company! Hambo Stamps is truly special, as Monica and her husband (Hambo's resident artist) work together closely and their stamps reflect their wit and enormous sense of humour! Over the years, I have come to know Monica as a lovely, hardworking, generous and extremely funny lady. Not only am I honoured that she asked me to be a part of her new Design Team (evidently, my repeated threats did their job!) but I also look forward to working with a very talented group of ladies. Every one of them has her own blog, showcasing beautifully stamped creations. Please visit them all!

Monica's Blog

Asela's Hop Art Studio

My Inky Fingers by Cindy

Inkin' It Up with Kendra

Hambo Stamps used: Wee Bee - 14-3 and Bugs & Kisses - 16-10


Monica said...

Aw, thanks for the kind words Isabelle! Right back atcha!

As for the DT pick, never underestimate the power of Swiss chocolates. :)Just kidding - you totally deserve it, and I'm glad you accepted!

asela said...

I"m loving the bees! How totally cute is that!

Inkerbelle's said...

You mean the Kamikaze Bees, as Monica's husband called them? They do seem ready to attack, don't they, LOL?

Monica said...

Speaking of husband, he said he wanted to comment on my blog, but said he felt weird. Quote "It was like accidentally walking into a girl's bathroom." LOL

Inkerbelle's said...

Oh Monica, he should comment on your blog. We are an open-minded bunch who don't mind boys, LOL! Think unisex loo!